Who We Are

We are Bruce and Diana Kerievsky (LCSW-R), life-long students of and instructors in the psycho-spiritual teaching known as Metapsychiatry.

Early in our lives, we each encountered this teaching, created by Thomas Hora, M.D., a pioneering psychiatrist in the realm of spiritually-oriented existential psychotherapy, and have been blessed by it throughout our marriage and professional careers.

We have been communicating its ideas and approach for many years, in
  • classes that we have taught
  • articles that we have written
  • individual, couple and group psychotherapy that we have conducted
  • public access TV interviews
  • groups in which we have participated.
We also help to perpetuate this teaching by working for and supporting the non-profit organization, The PAGL (Peace Assurance Gratitude Love) Foundation (see site PAGL.org), which is dedicated to preserving the documents and making available the liberating insights of Metapsychiatry.

Additionally, we have worked closely with the Center and Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy since their foundings to make available the blessings and wisdom of Metapsychiatry in their various courses and conferences.

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