What the Teaching Is

Meaning and Truth refers to the educational method discovered by Dr. Thomas Hora for clarifying and illuminating the central issues of life and of the human condition. Namely,

His investigation led to the realization that these puzzles could be addressed by asking "the two intelligent (because they are effective) questions:"

The first question is based on the understanding that unpleasant experience is inadvertently invited by the inclination to adopt and cling to invalid, unhealthy ideas and values. These disturbances to consciousness are inherited or absorbed from our families and our society. Alternatively, the appreciation of valid ideas and values, those that are in harmony with life, that enhance the sense of well-being, tend to produce positive experiences.

It is the willingness to examine our thinking and, most especially, our secretly cherished values, that enables us to identify and confront the sources of our discomfort in life. It can be amazing to see how quickly the origin of our dilemmas can be found once we are sufficiently openminded to consider our hidden thoughts and to evaluate their legitimacy.

What is not so easy, of course, is to relinquish those attachments that prove themselves so troublesome in our lives. What helps in this process is coming to understand the true nature of our being, our purpose, uniqueness, and individuality.

And so, the second question informs us about the qualities of our Creator and the constituents of spiritual reality. It presents the genuine inquirer with a set of values, an orientation toward life that promises and delivers liberation from the quandaries of everyday existence.

These ideas are merely the tip of the mountain of inspired wisdom that Metapsychiatry has uncovered. A treasure trove of beautiful, uplifting truths, applicable to every aspect of living, awaits the sincere seeker of understanding.

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