How Counseling via Video Works

Recent advances in technology permit anyone with a broadband (cable, DSL, or fiber optic) connection to the internet to communicate by voice and picture with anyone else who has broadband internet connectivity.

With this capability, and a couple of computer attachments, you can communicate with us without telecommunication fees. You see us on your computer monitor and hear us through your computer speakers, while we see and hear you similarly. And, unlike earlier versions of webcam technology that displayed very stilted movement, this one provides a nearly perfect image of the other person, showing all his or her facial expressions as he or she speaks. [You do, of course, need decent lighting to be fully visible to whomever you are speaking with.]

The result is that a communication session can be conducted as if you were in our office, except that you are located in your home (or office) or wherever your computer is available.

The computer attachments that are required to operate this software are:

If you are interested in this convenient service, contact us via the data on the home page and we will explain how to get set up.

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