Links to Related Web Sites

The following is a list of web sites that we believe can be of interest to browsers of this site. Each site describes individuals or groups involved in spiritually-oriented psychotherapy.

Site NameBrief Description
PAGL.ORG The PAGL Foundation site contains information on ordering books and tapes by Dr. Hora
Center and Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy The CSP/ASP site describes all the educational and networking activities available from this organization
Samuel Menahem's site Site contains information on ordering books by Dr. Menahem, President of ASP
Susan Lee Bady's site Site describes Ms. Bady's spiritually oriented practice
Sharon Mijares' site Sharon G. Mijares, Ph.D. Is a psychospiritually focused therapist at the Integrative Health Center in Del Mar, California. She is an international speaker and author. She is the editor of Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: Psychological Healing Practices from the World's Religious Traditions (2003, Haworth Press) and co-edited The Psychospiritual Clinician's Handbook: Alternative Methods for Understanding and Treating Mental Disorders (2005) with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa.

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