Articles about Meaning and Truth

BruceAuthenticity and Pretense
Experiencing the Passing of a Master
On the Meaning of the word Spiritual
Diversity, Judgment and the Nature of Freedom
What is the Meaning of Awakening?
Who has the better life?
On the Necessity and Consequences of Slaying the Buddha
What Makes Metapsychiatry Different from Other Spiritual Teachings?
What is Mental Health?
Beyond Opinions
Jesus as Dietitian
Metapsychiatric Group Experiences
The Pursuit of Happiness
Peace as an Under-appreciated Value
Protection and the Phenomenology of Disaster
Non-Self Confirmatory Role Models
The Gratitude Pill: On the Disjunction of Materialist Science and Spiritual Reality
Being Here for God: a Linguistic Approach
God Centered Living: A Contemplative Inquiry
Diana Research Study: When therapists recognize the relevance of spiritual issues to their clients' situations, they are more willing to discuss them.
Integrating Metapsychiatry and Object Relations
The Need to Mourn
Separation and Merger: An Existential Dilemma
The Bookmaker's Stepdaughter or How the Mafia Showed up at My Group

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